NH#77: SAN ONOFRE SPOTLIGHT – SCE/NRC Meeting, Buddhist Monks, Plant Sabotage


San Onofre really heated up last week:

  • Possible sabotage at Unit 3 now being investigated by the FBI;
  • Radwaste steam generator leaking radiation at the SanO gates;
  • Buddhist monks in San Clemente praying/fasting/chanting/meditating for an end to nuclear;
  • NRC/SCE public meeting on SCE planned restart muzzles activists (as usual)… and Nuclear Hotseat is there!


  • Greenpeace releases weather balloon to track potential Darlington radiation release at Canadian nuke summit;
  • Whistleblowers charge NRC with valuing secrecy over safety;
  • Oyster Creek springs a leak post-Sandy;
  • Chernobyl getting a new containment structure (’cause the sarcophagus is falling apart);
  • and the body/mind connection betrays SCE’s biggest lie and weakest link.


Enenews.com, one of the most reliable sources for nuclear information, recently compiled a list of the 33 top headlines/articles of the year to date.  Even if you’re familiar with the individual stories, seeing them all together is a mind-blower.  Check it out here:

Nuclear Hotseat producer/host Libbe HaLevy asks her question at the Southern California Edison/Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meeting on SCE’s plans for a San Onofre restart (video courtesy Myla Reson):

This is the Buddhist monks’ prayer/fast/meditation vigil site: