Hear from four activists involved with the battle to stop the San Onofre restart as we head into this Friday’s public meeting between the NRC, Southern California Edison and (hopefully squeezing in there, eventually) the public.  Host Libbe HaLevy interviews:

Learn about the politics, the spin, the manipulation… and how Buddhist monks came to be fasting and praying for six days outside San Onofre’s main gate.


  • UN chastises Japan for post-Fukushima incompetence and cruelty to its own citizens;
  • UK activists successfully blockade Hinkley NPP;
  • Illinois provides free potassium iodide to residents within ten miles of only one of its reactors (why not the other five locations?);
  • and South Korea wonders if cracks in their nuke plant control rod tunnels will impact their efforts to export nuclear technology to other countries (ya think?!?).

United Nations special rapporteur and health investigator Anand Grover on Japan’s shameful actions in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster: