NH #72 – SPECIAL: The Nuclear Threat of Superstorm Sandy


It seems we ducked the nuclear bullet from Superstorm Sandy… but what happens the next time there’s an attack like this from Mother Nature?  In this Special Nuclear Hotseat:

  • Learn about what the real nuclear dangers were that 13 nuclear power plants faced from Sandy;
  • Find out the current status of Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey, located near Sandy’s landfall, where the NRC has declared a LEVEL 2 ALERT. 
  • Cringe at how the NRC “responded,” including the Nuclear Numnutz of the Week: a suggestion to use a fire hose to cool off a nuclear reactor… but only if necessary <!>;
  • Hear from Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds.com and Michael Mariotte of NIRS.org about the unfolding events and ongoing dangers;
  • GET ACTIVE!  Learn what we in the nuclear-free movement can do to reinforce the need to shut down these disasters-in-waiting.


There was other nuclear news this week which didn’t get featured on the podcast, so here are the links:

Oyster Creek NPP flooding after Hurricane Sandy.
Oyster Creek NPP flooding after Hurricane Sandy. Note the total flooding of the road as water overflowed the channel. Reactors are now at NRC Level 2 Alert status because the flooding threatens the cooling system for the spent fuel pool.
Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant – Before Hurricane Sandy.  Note the channel for the water and the surrounding roads.