NH #69 – Japan’s Tragic Update (kids, food, Fukushima clean-up); Author Kristen Iversen


  • Japan’s new Nuclear Regulation Authority to create framework by which all nukes can be brought back online (this from a country that announced it would be “nuke-free by the 2030’s”)… but no one is willing to take responsibility for authorizing restarts (I wonder why…);
  • Children in Fukushima exercise on land registering over 100,000 bequerels of radiation per square meter — aka genocide;
  • Researcher at Kyoto University Research Rector Institute states: “There is no longer ay such thing as clean and safe food.”
  • Mass cattle die-offs in Fukushima;
  • Former licensed Senior Reactor Operator reports that TEPCO believes corium has eaten through the floor at Unit 1, while former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland tells of the nearly three feet of sinkage of Unit 4, making it even more precarious;
  • Gundersen: “Entomb [the reactors] and come back in 100 years.


  • For Kristen Iversen and her book:

Fukushima children run a marathon on contaminated route:

Fukushima children exercising on land that registers over 130,000 bq. per square meter .