NH #68: US Commands Japan’s Noda: Keep the Nukes!

INTERVIEW: Dr. Lora Chamberlain of Chicago, founder of Nuclear-Free Illinois, with some practical tips on how to build a state-wide grassroots anti-nuclear network.


  • US demands that Japan’s PM Noda retain nuclear… so his announcement two weeks ago that the country would be nuke-free by the 2030’s is now a worthless lie;
  • Japan experiences cluster-quakes – 6.3 and 5.0 in NE Japan, three in Fukushima 4.4-5.2, all in one day!
  • Exxon to drill for oil in Soviet offshore Arctic Ocean radiation dump;
  • Koodankulam activists jam entrance to port with their boats, thousands of women and children stand in formations in knee-deep water to block passage, and bury themselves in sand up to their necks so they can’t be moved as they protest the fueling of the nuclear reactors (and Americans can’t get a hundred people to show up at the Capitol in DC for a simple rally on the lawn);
  • PG&E to scale back sea life destruction disguised as seismic testing, but it’s still an insane plan and activists won’t accept it!
  • Fukushima to be center for medical research into cancer; you mean “staying happy” isn’t enough to keep the kids and their parents cancer-free?  Now they tell us!  (Actually, they don’t; this is Mengle territory.)
  • And you want a scary Halloween story?  Tell the kiddies about nuclear!  Be sure to include lots of pictures from Fukushima and Chernobyl…