Nuclear Hotseat #67 – SPECIAL – Report on CAN Rally for a Nuclear-Free Future

Nuclear Hotseat Special Report on the

Coalition Against Nukes Rally for a Nuclear-Free Future

September 20-22, 2012

An audio journey through three days of top-level activism, starring the best minds and hearts in the Nuclear-Free Future activist community.  This podcast includes interviews with or speeches by:

  • Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein
  • Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)
  • Gene Stone of ROSE
  • Linda Seeley of San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace
  • Susan Hito Shapiro of  Radiation and Public Health Project & Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (Indian Point)
  • Mariko Bender, World Network for Saving Children from Radiation
  • Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear
  • David Kraft of Nuclear Education and Information Service (Illinois)
  • Courtney Hanson of Georgia WAND and Stop Plant Vogtle
  • Alice Slater of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
  • Gary Shaw of Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition
  • Jim Henry, an attorney and economist with Tax Justice Network
  • and Priscilla Star, founder of the Coalition Against Nukes

Come take an audio ride through our three days of activism in “the belly of the beast,” Washington, D.C.  Then — GET ACTIVE!


My favorite picture from the three days, with Arnie Gundersen:

Here’s my other favorite photo from the rally — my first photo w/a Presidential candidate, Jill Stein of the Green Party: