NH #66: Sean Bonner of Safecast; Japan Govt. Says “No!” to Nukes (Sort Of…)

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Interview:  Sean Bonner, one of the founders of Safecast, which provides radiation testing devices on the ground in Japan and elsewhere in the world to map radiation levels. This group is the definition of grassroots humanitarian efforts.


  • Japan declares they’re phasing out nuclear by the 2030’s, but there are some holes in their announcement;
  • Two nukes in Belgium shut down because of cracks;
  • Quebec will shut down its one reactor;
  • Spain closing down another;
  • NRC accused of covering up flood threats from upstream dams;
  • Indian Point loses to “terrorists” in safety drill as workers encouraged to watch DVDs and play video games to stay awake (according to a whistleblower);
  • Japan cuts health benefits to Fukushima workers, saying they deserve the same treatment as workers at any other nuke plant;
  • Dialog on Nukes announces the first-ever (but definitely not the last) Nuke Liar Awards!  Nominate your favorite numnutz! Give them the recognition they so richly deserve.  https://www.facebook.com/events/490763737615204/