NH #65 – Dr. Janette Sherman & Joseph Mangano on Post-Fukushima Deaths in US


  • Police kill anti-nuke protesters, including a small girl, as thousands continue to protest at Koodankulam NPP in India;
  • The fight is on to stop PG&E from exterminating CA sea life to justify keeping Diablo Canyon NPP chugging away atop its earthquake faults;
  • TEPCO says Unit 4 is “perfectly safe” in a quake up to 6.0… as long as it only shakes up and down, not side-to-side; nuclear physicist Nils Bohmer and Arnie Gundersen point out the problem;
  • TEPCO alters unit 4 photo w/bad Photoshop, then pulls it, then crops it, then admits to it… but won’t say why and we can’t figure out what they were trying to hide;
  • Japan feeding school children radioactive milk, oranges, apples – why?  Because they’re the government and they say so and anyone who doesn’t eat the food is a “chicken!” (the Mayor of Kawasaki City really said that to concerned parents!).
  • Coalition Against Nukes Rally for a Nuclear-Free Future coming up next week; will you be in DC or will you donate from home?

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