NH #64: Fukushima Diary’s Iori Mochizuki; NRC Denies License (!) to Calvert Cliff


  • For only the second time in history, the NRC denies a request for a license!  NIRS Exec. Director Michael Mariotte labels this action, “A blow to the so-called ‘nuclear renaissance.'”
  • San Onofre to get cost/benefit analysis to see if it makes sense to attempt to reopen it (CLUE: The answer is NO!);
  • Dr. Michael Nobel of the Nobel Prize family focuses attention on radioactive contamination of milk and water in Hawaii and on US west coast;
  • Arnie Gundersen reports on Japan’s lawmakers laughing at TEPCO (see video below);
  • And double the Nuclear Numnutz this week:  Fukushima trying to attract Tokyo’s high school students as tourists <!> AND three cities in Saitama prefecture to recycle radioactive rubble from Fukushima as… cement <!>.  So much insanity, so little time…