NH #63 – BREDL’s Lou Zeller, Whales Picket Diablo, India’s $9 Nuclear Special!

Lou Zeller, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, on how to grow grassroots activism, southeastern U.S. nuke issues, support for the CAN Rally for a Nuclear Free Future.


  • Whales Picket Diablo Canyon;
  • India’s $9 Numnutz – the ultimate pro-nuker’s sweet deal;
  • tsunami debris already hitting Alaska hard;
  • Dr. Caldicott’s 14 recommendations for Japan, none of which has been taken;
  • Katie, the radioactive goat, has died;
  • Dominion Resources denies that its Millstone nuclear power plant, only five miles away from Katie’s meadow, where she grazed all day, was the source of the strontium found in her milk.  (By that logic, Dominion would also like to interest you in land speculation in northeast Japan.)  No word on where else the strontium might have been sourced. 

Great teleseminar on Post-Fukushima Food Safety issues this Sunday, September 2, featuring Kimberly Roberson, author of Silence Deafening… Fukushima Fallout… A Mother’s Response and Mary Beth Brangan of EON3, an award-winning filmmaker and veteran activist.

Go to: www.SilenceDeafening.com and learn more.