NH #62 – Hanford Leaks, Mutated Worms, Kucinich sics NRC on NRC over Davis Besse

Mary Olson of NIRS on what it means when nuclear reactors are in hot water – literally. 

  • How To Be a Homebound Activist (hint: Yes You CAN – in time for the Coalition Against Nukes Congressional Briefing on Sept. 20 in DC);
  • Hanford site leaking;
  • NRC just might decide to maybe study health risks for those who live near nuclear reactors – ya think?;
  • SCE letting 730 San Onofre workers go “because Unit 3 is unlikely to produce power any time soon!” (Anyone want to offer the workers job retraining for solar?);
  • Kucinich demands NRC Inspector General investigate the agency’s handling of Davis Besse restart;
  • Mutated worms in Japan;
  • Radioactive fish 258 times higher than Japanese government deems safe caught 12.5 miles off Fukushima;
  • Pennsylvania gives free potassium iodide tablets to anyone living near Limerick NPP – the big question being: WHY???

Five conjoined eggplant harvested in Fukushima Prefecture