NH #61: Mary Olson of NIRS.org on Nuclear Waste; “Terrorist” 82-Year Old Nun Assaults Nuke Facility w/a Bible!

InterviewMary Olson, Director of Southeast Office of NIRS.org, on what the June 8 DC court ruling means to the battle against nuclear waste production (meaning reactors and their radioactive legacy).  This woman is a clear, concise powerhouse!


  • 82-year-old “terrorist” nun breaks into Oak Ridge nuclear facility armed w/a Bible, candles and spray paint.  Her biggest crime?  Embarrassing the National Nuclear Security Administration over their ridiculous lack of security for 100 tons of highly enriched uranium (Jellyfish*, meet Numnutz**);
  • On a scale of 1-7 for nuclear disasters, Fukushima now ranks at an 8 (The level was invented just for them!);
  • Iodine 131 showing up in Japan again – indicative of fresh radiation release;
  • Mutated butterflies in Japan auger what’s coming up for humans;
  • Suspicion of cracks in Belgian reactor;
  • Republican VP nominee’s wife lobbied for Vermont Yankee <!>;
  • New NRC Chair Macfarlane wonders how quake-proof all those nuclear reactors really are;
  • NASA’s recommended foods to protect against radiation;
  • And a challenge to reporters from one of their own.

*Jellyfish – Nuclear heroes.  Named after the jellyfish and their cousins, the salp, who have swarmed the intake channels of nuclear reactors around the world and forced them to shut down.  If a spineless jellyfish can shut down a nuclear reactor, why can’t the rest of us?

** Nuclear Numnutz – Just what it sounds like.  The inmates who are in charge of the asylum and aiming to kill us all.

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