NH #58 – Ray Lutz Shreds the NRC’s Whitewash of SCE/San Onofre Steam Generator Redesign

Featured Interview:  Engineer and activist Ray Lutz “nukes” the NRC’s cover-up of SCE’s responsibility for San Onofre’s steam generator problems.


  • Four nuke plants trigger NRC “Unusual Events” in a single day.  With that many, is it still “unusual?”  (And still, no blackouts!);
  • Illinois reactor in “hot water” – at 102 degrees, cooling water can’t cool but the nuclear reactor’s still on line;
  • Japanese Prime Minister Noda admits that nuclear energy is dividing the nation;
  • TEPCO gets a rate hike as well as a bailout;
  • Temperature gauge cables on verge of breaking at Fukushima;
  • Subcontractor forces Fukushima clean-up workers to cover their dosimeters w/lead shields;
  • And Russia is doing a better job at protecting its citizens from radiation than the US. <!>