NH #57 – Filmmaker Chris Noland, CA’s Radioactive Almonds & Prunes

Interview w/filmmaker Chris Noland (NOT Christopher Nolan from “Batman”),
who recorded the first months after Fukushima as a relief worker in the
field. His film, “311 Surviving Japan” is in post-production and already
garnering overwhelming response in preview screenings.


  • 170,000 march against nuclear energy and the Oi restart in Japan;
  • KEPCO cooked the energy books, turning off eight functioning thermal plants to “justify” restarting the nukes;
  • Cesium 134 and 137 found in 2011 crop CA almonds and prunes;
  • internal radiation found to be 100 times worse than a chest x-ray;
  • the power of mint;
  • and SCE warns San Onofre employees not to leak documents to Arnie Gundersen at Fairewinds.com… which we learned about because somebody leaked THAT document to Fairewinds!