NH #56: Fukushima Activist Chieko Shiina, Czechs Help “Radiation Refugees”

FEATURED: Report on Fukushima resident and activist Chieko Shiina’s heartrending presentation on current life in Japan and Fukushima, along with information on how to help her start a Children’s Clinic to address pressing health problems.


  • Fukushima determined by Japanese committee to be “a man-made disaster” (incompetence can do that!);
  • TEPCO top execs resign… only to get their golden parachutes <!>;
  • San Onofre whistleblowers not covered by state protective laws (blame it on the Marines!);
  • More evil doings by Dr. Shunich Yamashita, Japan’s equivalent of Dr. Mengele;
  • Health problems growing in Fukushima (TB, rubella outbreaks) but the governnment isn’t listening;
  • International nukes take a business hit across the board;
  • Japanese TB outbreak believed linked to radiation;
  • Czech Republic to give sanctuary and healing protocols for 30 “radiation refugees” — Fukushima children ages 12-14;
  • and 150,000 protest restart of Oi reactors, but it’s the direct attack by swarms of jellyfish that slowed it down.  Let’s hear it for Ma Nature’s spineless warriors!

Get information on Chieko’s tour of California here:


Paypal account to donate money for the Fukushima Children’s Clinic:  [email protected]

Learn more about the project to get Japanese farmers to Costa Rica to raise healthy food for Japan by going to Pia Jensen’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/piacjensen61