NH #54 – The Battle for Indian Point (NYC) and Activist Legal Strategies w/Susan Hito Shapiro

MUST LISTEN!  Slammer interview w/environmental attorney Susan Hito Shapiro on the battle to shut down Indian Point near NYC, plus some legal strategies applicable for anti-nuke activists throughout the country.


  • 45,000 Japanese protest at PM Noda’s front door against Oi nuclear restart, which has already been plagued by 27 WARNING ALARMS GOING OFF!;
  • TILT!  Bulge in Fukushima Unit 4 now 40% larger than in May;
  • The swallows did NOT come back to Fukushima, in a big way (Silent Spring, Summer, Fall…);
  • LA Times editorial to keep San Onofre shut down marks the most important major media anti-nuclear stance in decades;
  • And both TEPCO and Japanese government tell skeptical consumers that fish caught near Fukushima is safe to eat… even though they won’t let independent experts test within 12 miles of the still-leaking nuclear facility.  Sushi, anyone?  (Hell, no!)


June 22, 2012 Die-In
LA Japanese Consulate Protest of Restart of Oi Nuclear Reactors

June 22, 2012, Japanese Consulate, Los Angeles.  Protest “Die-In” against restart of Oi Nuclear Reactors.