NH #53 – Radiation Monitoring Devices and Crowd-Sourced Readings

Dr. Bill Cardozo of CreativeElectron.com and Darin McClure of SanOnofre.com on radiation monitors, what they’ll do and won’t do, crowd-source radiation monitoring and how to hook up some monitors directly to the Internet for real-time result posting. Radiation 101 classes the last Saturday of each month, w/streaming video and online posting available at: www.CreativeElectron.com.


  • Japan’s PM Noda approves restart of Oi reactors over thousands of protestors;
  • 10 Fukushima mothers confront elected officials in Japan with their painful truths before staging a die-in (Watch their powerful testimony below or access it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYQNd2ybiDg);
  • Friends of the Earth file lawsuit to force NRC relicensing hearings of faulty San Onofre reactors;
  • Tsunami debris docks in Oregon;
  • Northeast Japan bracing for monster typhoon that’s taking aim at Fukushima.

Plus some cautions about taking zeolite, pro-nuke as mental illness, and a chance to join a die-in demonstration of your own on Friday, June 21 by going to your nearest Japanese consultate!  And if you can’t get there in person, call the Consulate General of Japan at the Los Angeles consulate to state your opposition to the restart of any nuclear reactors in Japan: (213) 617-6700.