NH #51: EXCLUSIVE! The Roy Process for Neutralizing and Eliminating Radiation

Nuclear Hotseat Exclusive: Special panel discussion on The Roy Process for Neutralization and Elimination of Nuclear Waste.  Is this the missing technology for ultimately getting rid of the radioactive byproducts of the nuclear industry?

Learn about the process, the doubts, the tantalizing possibilities, and what stands in the way of this potentially game-changing nuclear technology.  Featuring: Dennis Nester, agent for The Roy Process; engineer and physicist Ernest Goitein; veteran anti-nuclear activist Ace Hoffman; and a surprise deus ex machina appearance by New York environmental attorney Susan Shapiro.

Be sure to listen through to the end, when the final piece of information clicks into place.  Then scroll down here at www.NuclearHotseat.com/blog to access the links referenced in the call.

NOTE:  While this may not be the smoothest or easiest interview/discussion I’ve done on Nuclear Hotseat, it contains the seeds of what is arguably the most important information I’ve yet reported. 


Ace Hoffman’s website, where you can download his free ebook, The Code Killerswww.AceHoffman.org

Ace Hoffman’s blog posts can be accessed at: www.AceHoffman.blogspot.com

Film on The Roy Process:

Note that there are four separate Youtube segments to this film.  The last two of them contain an episode of 60 Minutes from 2007 about nuclear waste at the Hanford site in Washington State and other nuclear waste boondoggles.

Contact Information for The Roy Process:

Robin Roy Ph.D
Nikki Roy  Ph.D.
[email protected]

Let Nuclear Hotseat know about any response you get from the Roys and what if any progress you make on gaining access to the formula!