NH #50: Tuna Sushi? No Thanks! Plus NIRS on NRC Evac Zones

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This week on Nuclear Hotseat, produced and hosted by Libbe HaLevy, Michael Mariotte of NIRS.org explains how NRC evacuation zone radius and emergency exercises have no relationship to real world reality.


  • Bluefin tuna caught off CA all found contaminated with Fukushima Cesium 134 & 137;
  • Jaczko stands for safety as NRC rubberstamps Massachusetts’ Pilgrim reactor for 20 more years;
  • Canada reports 3 radioactive nuke leaks in just one month!;
  • former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan comes out strongly against nukes;
  • Japan radiation still circling the globe, prevents TEPCO from even starting decommissioning work, mutating cedar seeds…
  • How the NRC and the nuke industry gamed the system to make THEM in charge of defining what constitutes alternative energy <!>;
  • A cell phone that empowers users to avoid radiation;
  • The International Olympic Committee implies that if Japan would only restart its nuke plants to guarantee electricity, it still might be chosen to host the 2020 Olympics.  TOTAL NUMNUTZ!