NH #49: Umi Hagitani – The Japan Connection, and NRC’s Jaczko Resigns

Japanese interpreter/anti-nuke activist Umi Hagitani talks about the real concerns of the Japanese people and her experiences translating for Fukushima survivors who addressed U.S. anti-nuke demos and the media.


  • NRC’s Jaczko resigns his Chairmanship;
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer goes after Southern California Electric over sidestepped licensing amendment for steam generator design changes;
  • Alaska Senator Begich says tsunami debris will be worse than Exxon Valdez – but Washington still can’t tell him a plan for dealing with it;
  • Koodankulam protestors get UK MP support;
  • Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds says Unit 3 may be just as bad as Unit 4; meanwhile Unit 1 has only 15″ of water and no one’s sure where the corium is;
  • and Indian government numnutz sending shrinks to Koodankulam to create “don’t worry, be happy” mental exercises to calm down those wascally nuclear protesters!

Alaska Sen. Mark Begich on Capitol Hill:


First tsunami debris hits Alaska coast: