NH #48: Radiation Remediation w/Mushrooms, Hemp, Nanotechnology

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Long time activist Elise Longhi shares info on how to get radiation out of the soil using mushrooms and hemp, out of water using nano technology that already exists, then reveals shocking information on long-suppressed research by physicist Dr. Roy that actually neutralized radioactive cesium and strontium!  Why is no one grabbing onto these technologies to solve the radiation threat?


  • Koodankulam protests in India being taken to National Human Rights Commission;
  • French election may sink British nukes, Iowa legislature too smart to fall for nuclear Ponzi scheme;
  • Radioactive black dust all over Tokyo;
  • Cesium spike in Tokyo Bay “no IMMEDIATE health risk” (note that adjective!);
  • Radioactive mice found just outside Fukushima evacuation zone;
  • and Radiation Protection Clothing for Infants!

Watch this video of NRC Commissioner Kristine “Flat Affect” Svnicki, then RUSH to sign the NIRS.org petition (http://org2.democracyinaction.org/o/5502/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=1203202) to keep her from getting another five years to protect the nuclear industry from the threat of safety: