NH #47 – Dan Hirsch on Hidden LA Nuke Accident – Santa Susana Field Labs, 1959

Interview with Daniel Hirsch of Committee to Bridge the Gap on the 1959 Santa Susana Field Laboratory nuclear meltdown – more radiation released than Three Mile Island! – and the current status of clean-up attempts.  PLUS:

  • The battle over San Onofre heats up, with four times the number of damaged pipes in the steam generators announced even as SCE assumes restart in June… and NRC Chairman Jaczko smacks ’em down;
  • Japan celebrates the shut-down of its last nuclear reactor;
  • Physicians for  Social Responsibility press conference in NYC presents Japanese physicians and nuclear experts telling the truth about Fukushima’s current impact (scary health risks and Unit 4 dangers); videos available at: www.cinemaforumfukushima.org;
  • 70 Japanese civil organizations petition UN to organize a Nuclear Security Summit re: Unit 4;
  • Koodankulam activists continuing massive peaceful protests, hunger strikes in India;
  • Washington State finally testing seafood, clams for radioactivity;
  • and Greenpeace activist bombs French nuclear reactor!  (Smoke bomb, but still, it makes the point.)