NH #43 – 4/10/12 – NRC Chairman, Sen. Feinstein Inspect Crippled San Onofre

  • Interview with Gene Stone of ROSE on visit by NRC Chairman Jaczko and Sen. Feinstein to San Onofre last week in the wake of burst pipes and pipe degradation in the new steam generators.
  • ACTIVIST ALERT:  Requests for letters to the NRC and live bodies to show up for San Onofre demo on April 28.
  • CONTACT INFO FOR CHAIRMAN JACZKO:  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001 1-800-368-5642, 301-415-7000; www.nrc.gov
  • Fukushima shown to be 85 times worse than Chernobyl;
  • Newly leaked Japanese faxes show TEPCO knew it was the quake, not the tsunami, that caused the reactor damage;
  • UK nukes at risk over possible downgrade of credit rating of two energy behemoths;
  • NRC finds last years Ft. Calhoun fire of “high safety significance” [it took them a year to figure that out?];
  • UC Berkeley tests SF area milk and discovers almost double EPA’s maxiumum contaminant level for Cesium 137;
  • and Japan paying Chinese tourists to come to Fukushima, see the sights, take pictures and post them online.  A continuation of traditional hostilities between these two countries?

Here is the first of two videos of the press conference activists held on April 6 just outside San Onofre:

For the other video, go to: www.ResidentsOrganizedforaSafeEnvironment.org.