NH #42 – Foodchain Safety Issues w/Kimberly Roberson & Mary Beth Brangan

Terrific food safety interview w/Kimberly Roberson of Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network and Mary Beth Brangan of Ecological Awareness Network.  Learn about the increasing dangers posed to our food supply by the radiation from Fukushima, as well as what you can do to boost your health and resist the effects of radiation.


  • Radiation in Fukushima #2 too hot for even the robots;
  • Japanese politicians furious that Sapporo mayor refuses radioactive waste from Miyagi and Iwate;
  • Former Prime Minister Kan now an anti-nuke activist!;
  • San Onofre slammed into shutdown by NRC over steam generator pipe failures;
  • NRC licenses 2 new nukes in South Carolina — already in cost overruns and they haven’t even started building;
  • Radioactive kelp in southern California;
  • Japan to provide canned radioactive fish to Cambodia for school lunches w/United Nations approval <INSANITY!>; and
  • Friends of Earth produce a TV ad to keep San Onofre shut. (Scroll down to view it.)

Hey, Jon Stewart — when will this be on The Daily Show?