NH #40 – San Onofre Failing Tests, Jon Stewart Gets Nuked

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On this week’s Nuclear Hotseat Podcast…

  • Donna Gilmore and Ace Hoffman interviewed for a CA update on San Onofre testing, the state’s TRUE energy needs, and the CA Ballot Initiative.
  • Jon Stewart/Daily Show to carry nuke industry ads – NIRS.org starts the protest, Nuclear Hotseat joins in.
  • As of March 15, TEPCO no longer provides stats on the reactors.
  • Japanese radiation hits new high in Iitate and farmers face a deadly harvest.
  • Arnie predicts 20% cancer rate in Fukushima girls.
  • US finally admits post-war nuke workers got cancer from being nuke workers – DUH!
  • Protesters of India’s Koodankoolam nuclear power plant arrested as government mandates that those reactors must open.

…and a 68-year old Japanese man urges other seniors to buy and eat Fukushima rice so it doesn’t get eaten by children and expose them to radiation. One of the most vulnerable populations urging voluntary suicidal action on behalf of the other most vulnerable population.  Commit slow hiri-kiri, death by TEPCO. Where is government?  Where is protection? Where are the cranes…?