NH #38 – Meeting w/CA Top Aide to Governor, March 11 Demos at San Onofre

  • Report on anti-nuke activists meeting w/CA Gov. Jerry Brown’s senior aide;
  • this weekend’s demonstrations at San Onofre features two Japanese survivors of the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and resulting nuclear disaster at Fukushima;
  • transcript of NRC audio quashing US National Labs monitoring of radiation the day after the earthquake – OUTRAGEOUS!
  • LA area cesium levels found to be 1,000 times higher than standard 53 years after SSFL meltdown
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer asks NRC to review San Onofre safety (they’re “thinking about it!”);
  • First Energy tries to blame 1979 blizzard for 2012 cracks in David-Besse (aka, “the dog ate it”)
  • legal loophole means Vermont Yankee may still be forced to shut down on March 21;
  • iodine 131 found in Japanese drinking water
  • radiation has been detected in Sri Lanka fish and 100,000 square miles in the Pacific.
  • And with all this, Department of Energy head Steven Chu announces, “We are committed to restarting the nation’s nuclear industry.” WHY?

See you at San Onofre on Sunday!