NH #290: OMG! Defective French Nuke Parts in 19 US Reactors! – Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Paul Gunter is Director, Reactor Oversight Project for Beyond Nuclear specializing in all aspects of reactor hazards and security. We discuss France’s Areva Le Creusot forge and the faulty major nuclear reactor parts produced there which are reported to be in use by 19 US nuclear reactors on 11 sites.
  • LINK to Beyond Nuclear’s petition calling for Nuclear Regulatory Commission action will be posted here as soon as it’s up.
Paul Gunter outside the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in Seabrook, N.H., which he helped to stop. Photo by Ioanna Raptis/Seacoastonline

Numnutz of the Week (for Nuclear Boneheadedness):

When is a new nuclear bomb NOT a “new” nuclear bomb?  When the government says so, silly!  Not even when it comes with – I kid you not – “Dial-a-yield” technology!  (SEE: Featured Image at top)

European Report with Shaun McGee:

  • Belarus, Hungary, France and the UK challenged the European Commission and common sense!
  • Some history and another recent report on Paks 2 in Hungary
  • Tourism campaign to Belarus
  • …and more!  LINK to the full stories here.

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