NH #287: UN’s UNSCEAR lies re: Fukushima Radiation – Dr. Alex Rosen + Epidemiologist Joseph Mangano

Radiation SPECIAL – UN’s Fukushima Radiation Lies

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This Week’s Featured Interviews: 

  • Dr. Alex Rosen of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), uses that group’s footnoted, documented, peer-reviewed and fully vetted report to contradict the lies in the United Nations’ UNSCEAR report that seeks to minimize Fukushima radiation dangers.  To LINK to full report in English, CLICK HERE.
  • Epidemiologist Joseph Mangano of Radiation and Public Health Project provides another damning response to the UNSCEAR report on Fukushima and the negative impact it is likely to have on the case of the USS Reagan sailors, who were hit with high levels of radiation while on an humanitarian aid mission to Fukushima immediately after the nuclear disaster began.