NH #283: “West Lake Radiation 1000x Background In My Home!” – Robbin Ellison Dailey

Photo:  Mike Dailey, hanging Christmas Lights at his home in Spanish Village, where tests confirmed radioactive Thorium 230 contamination. 
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This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Robbin Ellison Dailey and her husband Mike own the home in North St. Louis less than half a mile from the radioactive nuclear waste burial site at Republic Service’s West Lake Landfill. They recently had the house tested for radiation… and discovered Thorium 230-contaminated dust at 1000x above background radiation levels. We spoke with Robbin on Monday, November 21 about the situation with her home and what it’s like to be hit with that kind of news.
Robbin Ellison Dailey
Robbin Ellison Dailey, in front of her home in Spanish Village.

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