NH #273: USA Nuclear Wild West – Grand Canyon Uranium Mining w/Sierra Club’s Gitlin, HEAL Utah’s Pacenza on Green River Nukes + BREAKING: Pilgrim Shutdown Protest Arrests – Diane Turco

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • BREAKING:  After last week’s latest SCRAM emergency shutdown at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Massachusetts, Diane Turco of Cape Downwinders and two others were arrested after delivering a letter demanding permanent shutdown to Mass. Governor Baker.  Nuclear Hotseat spoke with Diane immediately after her arraignment hearing.  Also in the news:  Today’s Boston Globe Editorial, “Too Risky to Wait for Pilgrim Plant’s Shutdown.”
  • Alicyn Gitlin, Conservation Coordinator for Restore & Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Campaign of the Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, on uranium mining issues threatening our great national monument.  Show your support here.
  • Matt Pacenza, Executive Director of the environmental group HEAL Utah, brings us up to speed on that state’s downwinder, radioactive waste and new nuclear build issues… as well as an unusual activist decision regarding two proposed new nuclear reactors on the Green River.

Numnutz of the Week:

Plutonium-contaminated Rocky Flats in Colorado – winner of a White House “Keeping it Clean” award?  The only thing sustainable there is the radiation!

Featured image is of Cold War Horse, created by Jeff Gipe to acknowledge the history of Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, its workers, and the surrounding community.