NH #270: Niagara Falls’ Dirty Nuke Secrets w/Lou Ricciuti + Myla Reson on Diablo Canyon Info Anniversary

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Lou Ricciuti has been a nuclear researcher, writer and speaker for nearly 20 years on the radioactive waste-stream generated by Niagara Falls’ vast involvement in the earliest days of the Atomic Age.
  • Veteran anti-nuclear activist Myla Reson reminds us of the leaked report from Nuclear Regulator Commission’s Dr. Michael Peck saying that Diablo Canyon should be shut down until Pacific Gas and Electric can prove that the reactors’ design can withstand the shaking from one of the 13 adjacent earthquake faults.

Numnutz of the Week:

  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission head Michael Binder pooh-poohs letter claiming withholding of important safety information written anonymously by agency insiders, jokes about whistleblowers, then muzzles a Greenpeace environmentalist and ignores a 26-page safety review, yet encourages concerned employees to “speak up!”  Yeah, right!  What’s that olde joke about a scorpion’s nature…?

The Missing Link: