NH #269: Australia – World’s Nuke Waste Dump? Pt. 2 w/Dave Sweeney + N. St. Louis EPA “Die-In” + European Nukes w/Shaun McGee

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Dave Sweeney is the national nuclear campaigner for the Australian Conservation Foundation.  This week, we get to the heart of the international manipulation – dare I call it a conspiracy? – to dump the world’s nuclear waste in the land down under.  It includes LATE BREAKING NEWS of the international manipulations and decades of planning that has gone into convincing Australians to accept the nuclear industry’s plans to turn their country into the world’s nuclear ash tray.  Of course, Rupert Murdoch is involved.
  • Context for understanding UK and European nuclear issues with Shaun McGee reporting from Ireland.
  • West Lake Landfill/EPA community meeting hit by activist “die-in” to make the point of the nuclear dangers.  Interview w/die-in organizer Alex Cohen of Soul Much Water.


WLL/EPA Die-inPhoto © Christen Commuso; used by permission of the photographer

Numnutz of the Week:

Entergy buys failing, unprofitable nuke Fitzpatrick in upstate New York, but knows how to blackmail state into giving it forever-funds from Clean Energy Standards meant to support REAL clean energy – solar, wind – NOT NUCLEAR!  Our tax dollars NOT at work!

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