NH #267: INDIAN POINT Film – Former NRC Chair Jaczko, Director Meeropol

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

Filmmaker, subject and activists converged at the Los Angeles run of the documentary, INDIAN POINT, an exploration of nuclear issues seen through the lens of the two aging nuclear reactors located only 25 miles from New York City.

  • We talk with director Ivy Meeropol about what led her to devote four years of her life to making the film.
  • Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Dr. Gregory Jaczko, who was forced out of the agency, attended the screening and took part in the audience Q&A afterwards.  INDIAN POINT recasts Dr. Jaczko as hero… and he was.
  • Interviews with activists who attended the screening from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Japan.

Numnutz of the Week:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo loses his mind and approves $965 million bailout for unprofitable upstate nuclear reactors under the rubic, “Clean Energy Standard.”  Who or what got to him…?????

Myla Reson’s video clip of Greg Jaczko talking about James Hansen – from the Q&A following the INDIAN POINT screening.