NH #265: EPA’s NON-Consent-based Siting of Radwaste – Karen Hadden, Beatrice Brailsford

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

When is the Environmental Protection Agency’s Consent-Based Siting to decide the location of the next U.S. radioactive nuclear waste repository NOT “Consent-based?”  Two activists at ground zero of this domestic nuclear war tell all:

  • Karen Hadden, Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development, or SEED Coalition, headquartered in Austin, TX talks about the EPA telling the country that West Texas and New Mexico both want more! more! more! nuclear waste… when the people who live there haven’t even been asked.
  • Beatrice Brailsford, Nuclear Program Director of the Snake River Alliance in Pocatello, Idaho, and she covers not only the history of the Idaho National Laboratory, but connects the dots in the nuclear waste stream as it currently plays out.

Numnutz of the Week

Doesn’t take much to buy depleted uranium from the NRC… as the Government Accounting Office (GAO) proved when they conned the agency out of permits for the required ingredient for crude yet effective bombs with dummy corporations.  And who exactly might that dummy be, hmmm…?

The Missing Link:

  • NRC site for comments on “Consent-base” Siting of Nuclear Waste Dumps by July 31, 2016