NH #259: Oh, Canada! Dr. Gordon Edwards on Canada’s Twisted Nuclear Path

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Dr. Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR) and one of Canada’s best known independent experts on nuclear technology, provides a stunningly thorough history of Canadian involvement with  US development of the nuclear bomb, as well as issues involving reactors, uranium mining, accidents and attempted clean-ups, of course the waste storage issue, and more.  The first installment of a massive, multi-episode visit with Dr. Edwards, who weaves individual incidents and factoids into a clear picture of the nuclear world in which Canada and the rest of us live.

Numnutz of the Week:

The United States doesn’t know what to do with the 75,000 tons of high-level radioactive nuclear waste from domestic nuclear reactors that’s accumulated over the last 70 years… but that doesn’t stop our country from calling back 331 kilograms of plutonium it loaned to Japan and plunking it down in South Carolina’s Savannah River Site and the ever-porous, unsecured “security” at the Y-12 site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The Missing Links: