NH #257: Radiation Spike from Hanford or CGS Reactor? Radcast’s Mimi German Explains

This Week’s Featured Interview: 

  • Mimi German is the founder of RadCast, which focuses on collecting and interpreting radiation data. It helps helping citizen activists learn how to take accurate radiation readings, which RadCast then compiles to figure out what’s going on – radiologically speaking – wherever the EPA has fallen down on the job… which is just about everywhere. Mimi walks us through the recent radiation spike(s) recorded by EPA in Richland, Washington, and parses out whether the blame rests with the Hanford site, as has been put out, or the Northwest’s only nuclear working nuclear reactor, the Columbia Generating Station.
  • Link to initiatives to shut down CGS.

Numnutz of the Week:

US pro-nuke orgs plead with Obama administration not to do away with the “Nuclear Energy Policy Czar.”  Did you know we had a Nuclear Energy Policy Czar?  And where’s our “Alternative Energy Policy Czar?”  Our “Peace Czar?”  “Sustainability Czar?”  And why a czar?  Why not a hippie?