NH #245: UN/UNSCEAR Fukushima Lies Exposed – IPPNW’s Dr. Alex Rosen – ENCORE

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Dr. Alex Rosen, a German pediatrician who is Vice President of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).  On behalf of that group, he takes on the United Nations’ UNSCEAR report on Fukushima that drastically, perhaps criminally downplayed the health dangers of that ongoing nuclear disaster.
  • A pdf transcript of this interview is available in both English and German if you CLICK HERE
  • The IPPNW’s Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR report on Fukushima is available in English, German and Japanese translations if you CLICK HERE.

Listen Here:


Numnutz of the Week:

TEPCO starts incinerating more than 66,000 special containers of radioactive workers’ protective suits, gloves, masks with no radioactivity monitoring for the resulting release of particulate matter.  But the  day after the burning starts, to solve their future problems, TEPCO begins allowing workers to be on-site at Fukushima Daiichi WITHOUT any kind of protective clothing.

The Missing Link(s):