NH #243: Chernobyl, Fukushima Mutations w/Dr. Timothy Mousseau (picture is of mutated fire bugs at Chernobyl)

This Week’s Featured Interview

  • Dr. Timothy Mousseau is an evolutionary biologist and since 1991, a faculty member of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina. Since 1999, Professor Mousseau and his collaborators have explored the ecological, genetic and evolutionary consequences of low-dose radiation in populations of plants, animals and people inhabiting the Chernobyl region of Ukraine and Belarus. More recently, he initiated a second research program in Fukushima, Japan. (NOTE: The picture at the top of this page is of mutated fire bugs found at Chernobyl.)

Numnutz of the Week

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may not be able to get anything right at West Lake Landfill in North St. Louis, or Flint, or actually anywhere… but that doesn’t stop them from coming up with really, really bad PR materials for the public to use:


Meet the EPA’s mascots! 

Sammy the Salmon (l)

Eddie the Trout (r)

Don’t you feel motivated to protect the environment???


Activist Action… with Erica Gray

Germany’s got a lot of balls — radioactive graphite balls — and here’s your chance to help stop the US from accepting Germany’s radwaste.  We’ve got enough of our own!

The Missing Link: