NH #242: Thyroid Cancer’s Silent Epidemic w/Epidemiologist Joseph Mangano

This Week’s Featured Interview:

Numnutz of the Week:

Gina “Never Met A Nuke I Didn’t Like and Cover For” McCarthy, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, tries to escape the West Lake Moms by putting her fingers in her ears, shutting her eyes and singing, “Lalalala I can’t heeeeeeeear youuuuu!” to avoid facing the victims of her incompetence to hear their justifiable complaints.  Even the EPA’s phone recording systems are jammed because they’ve gotten so many messages telling her to give them a hearing.  Still – I’m betting on the Moms.  They know how to handle tantrum-throwing infants with mother issues.

This Week’s Activist Action – ASAP: 


Erica Gray points the way to check out Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dumpand then do just that.  Sign the petition to stop Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) from burying highly radioactive waste just one mile from the shores of Lake Huron, and from there, the Great Lakes.  Then, write two email to the Canadians in charge of the decision: