NH #234: “Honorable Retreat f/Tokyo Olympics” – Ambassador Murata

This week’s featured interview:img073

Mitsuhei Murata is a career diplomat and former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland who has been very outspoken in his opposition to Japan’s nuclear policies, especially since Fukushima began in 2011. Recently, his proposal that Japan should seek an “honorable retreat” from the 2020 Olympics because of Fukushima has been gathering international media attention. We learn about the man, how he came to his anti-nuclear position, and what led him to this very public strategy regarding Japan’s intention to host the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Numnutz of the Week:

Radioactive rice grown in 2013 in Minami-Soma,  declared “not guilty!” of any connection with Fukushima’s leaking, radioactive triple-meltdown only 12 miles/20 km away — this according to Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) and the government discontinued the investigation.  BUT – the people, the petition, the City Assembly are pushing back against the nuclear numnutz in power.  Who wins?  Stay tuned…

This Week’s News:

  • West Lake Moms under Twitter assault by waste dump owner Republic Services’ paid trolls while the EPA makes excuses (“The dog ate it!”) for not taking control of WWII Manhattan Project nuclear waste and Superfund site.
  • DUCK! and Cover Reactor Report features reactor cost overruns at Vogtle in GA, steam leak at Peach Bottom near Three Mile Island in PA.
  • Indian Point 3 driving on expired license only 35 miles from Broadway; at least 10 protesters arrested.12366270_1082656578441074_9027740258831601031_n
  • Demonstrations around the world in support of banning the India-Japan Nuclear Agreement.  (For more information, go to:  Nuclear Hotseat #231 – interview with Kumar Sundaram)

…and much, much more!