NH #226: Pre- and Post-Shutdown Reactor Woes – Turco on Pilgrim, Gilmore, Headrick on San Onofre


  • Diane Turco, one of the founders of Cape Cod Downwinders, discusses ongoing issues at the Pilgrim Nuclear facility in Massachusetts, which is going to be shut down… by the end of 2019.
  • Donna Gilmore of SanOnofreSafety.org explains what her research has shown about the dangers of the “thin” (tin can) dry casks chosen by utility operator Southern California Edison and the NRC to store San Onofre’s deadly radioactive waste.
  • Gary Headrick, c0-founder with his wife Laurie of San Clemente Green, an ecologically-focused group in southern California, looks at the kinds of manipulations the nuclear industry goes through to guarantee profits and negate citizen concerns once a nuclear cash cow reactor is forced to close.  Gary discusses the latest rulings on “spent” fuel rods and fuel assembly storage at the San Onofre site, as decided by the California Coastal Commission just two weeks ago, on October 5.