NH #224: Dangers & Protests as USS Reagan Returns to Japan – Goto, Jahnkow


  • Mr. Masahiko Goto, representing the Yokusuka-based anti-nuclear group, Coalition Concerning Homeporting of the Nuclear Powered Carrier Vessel, on activist opposition to the return of the USS Reagan to Japan;
  • Carol Jahnkow, Director Emerita of Peace Resource Center of San Diego, on safety problems she learned about USS Reagan when it was homeported in San Diego after it returned from Fukushima.

Filmmaker Spotlight:

Marcus Schwenzel, director, writer and producer of “Seven Years of Winter,” a short dramatic film shot in the exclusion zone at Chernobyl that has just won the Yellow Oscar for Best Film at the Int’l Uranium Film Festival.

Numnutz of the Week:

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo”Pinnochio” Abe-Baby claims “safety!” on Japan’s second restart of a nuclear reactor, in Sendai, when there’s an active volcano 31 miles (50 km) away, the country’s in the earthquake-prone Ring of Fire, it’s a typhoon zone and a tsunami zone — but hey, can’t go all fascistic and militaristic w/o nukes, ya know?


  • Third Fukushima meltdown confirmed;
  • Cesium 134 found in water supply in Tokyo and nine other Japanese cities;
  • Drums of radwaste reported “bulged and hissing” at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, TN;
  • and the largest Nuclear Regulatory DUCK! and Cover report ever, covering just one week’s accidents at US nuclear facilities.  Mercury sure is retrograde!