NH #223: Anti-Nuclear Films Rock! Uranium Film Festival, “Man Who Saved the World”


  • Norbert Suchanek, Director of the International Uranium Film Festival, reports from events in Berlin about the week’s screenings and specific films, plus plans to bring the IUFF to Los Angeles next year.  Countries represented by the 29 films include  Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Macedonia, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Poland, Austria, India, Ukraine, Ireland, Tajikstan, Australia and the United States.
  • Christian Bruun, Executive Producer of “The Man Who Saved the World,” talks about the nine years of shooting it took to capture the story of Stanislav Petrov, the Russian soldier in charge of the nuclear defense facility in 1983, who refused to issue launch codes despite computers showing five attack warheads coming at his country from the US.




2020 Olympics Heads-up for new sports baseball for men, softball for women, skateboard, sports climbing and surfing — all of which are proposed to take place in Fukushima Prefecture!