NH #199: Feds Approve Grand Canyon Uranium Mining! – Gitlin, Bahr, Tapp


  • Alicyn Gitlin, who coordinates the Campaign to Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion  for the Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter.  She is joined by:
  • Sandy Bahr, who is Chapter Director for the Grand Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club.
  • Anne Mariah Tapp, Energy Program Director of the Grand Canyon Trust.


  • More Food News from Fukushima!  (Might that be a new feature?)  This week: “Award-winning” tap water from Fukushima.  CAUTION: this story could hurt you from busting a gut laughing.


  • Derelict boat from Fukushima found off Oregon coast… but it’s not the first or even the largest piece of debris found in US waters since the disaster began.
  • US NRC okays High Burn-Up Fuel for Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.  SEE:  Donna Gilmore’s assessment of HBF’s dangers at: www.SanOnofreSafety.org
  • Last week’s Numnutz gets even numnutzier as Milan Expo 2015 subject to corruption, scandal, police investigation, arrests and jailings – and that’s not even based upon whatever “business” they did w/Japan!
  • TEPCO robot in Fukushima Unit 1 burns out after moving only 10 meters.  No word on what data, if any, it was able to collect.
  • Education just became more dangerous as Japan opens new high school in evacuation zone.
  • …and much much more!