NH #195: Uranium Film Festival – Quebec, + PSR NW’s Chuck Johnson on Hanford, CGS

Caution!  Podcaster at work...
Caution! Podcaster at work…


  • Christian Levesque, organizer for this year’s Uranium Film Festival in Quebec, explains how he coordinated the timing of this year’s event with an international scientific symposium on uranium issues and a political gathering of Canada’s Prime Minister and political elite of the Provinces.  www.UraniumFilmFestival.org.
Uranium Film Festival 2015 - Quebec City
Uranium Film Festival 2015 – Quebec City
  • Chuck Johnson, Nuclear Campaigner for Physicians for Social Responsibility NW, representing Oregon and Washington state, goes over the history and problems at the Hanford Site and Columbia Generating Station.


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has come up with $4 billion in aid to disaster victims... of any and every disaster in the world EXCEPT Fukushima on the northeast coast of Japan.

Shinzo Abe-baby

  • Fukushima at 4triple the number of people impacted by radiation in Japan as compared to Chernobyl;
  • Thyroid cancer rates 50x higher than normal in Fukushima children, w/more than 100 cases confirmed or suspected;
  • TEPCO admits rainwater radiation levels at Fukushima surge yet again;
  • Army Brigadier General James A. Blankenhorn double-dips as Deputy Project Manager for civilian contractor Nuclear Waste Partnership at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, NM, and “goes bananas” confusing the public’s understanding of natural, background and man-made radiation.

Myla Reson’s video, “James Blankenhorn’s Radioactive Banana”

  • Utah radwaste company Energy “Solutions” tries to convince South Carolina to re-open tritium-leaking atomic garbage dump w/media blitz;
  • Korean Hydro and Nuclear Power hacker releases more files from December hack and demands money or he’ll leak country’s sensitive nuke info to other countries – and no, Sony is not involved.