NH #193: SPECIAL – Caldicott Symposium on Possible Nuclear Extinction

 Guess where I was…! (said the future Nuclear Pundit of The Daily Show)!
Guess where I was...!


Nuclear Hotseat Producer/Host Libbe HaLevy traveled to New York to cover the February 28/March 1 symposium put together by Dr. Helen Caldicott.  Video archive of the complete two-day event is available HERE

This Nuclear Hotseat Special Report includes interviews, excerpts from presentations, “nuclear humor” and two news scoops with:

  • Dr. Helen Caldicott
  • Theodore Postol, Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology and National Security Policy, MIT
  • Steven Starr, Associate of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Former Board Member and Senior Scientist for Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space
  • Bob Alvarez, Institute of Policy Studies
  • Robert Parry, Investigative Journalist
  • Susi Snyder, PAX, The Netherlands –Don’tBankOnTheBomb.com
  • Alice Slater, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
  • Cindy Folkers, Beyond Nuclear
  • Diane Turco, Cape Cod Downwinders, on latest developments at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant
  • Rachel Clark, Freelance interpreter, on Fukushima waste incineration – blockbuster revelation!


  • Do-it-yourself map to see what a bomb going off in your neighborhood will look like.  (Mega)Tons of fun for kids, parents and nuclear psychopaths!  Nukemap and Nukemap3D


Britain’s Prince William may be a dim bulb, but after Japan’s PM Abe got him to eat Fukushima food, he may be glowing in the dark!


Hey Jon!  Guess where I was… (said the future Nuclear Pundit of The Daily Show)!This is where I was...!

Photo Credit – Dr. Helen Caldicott and Libbe HaLevy featured image – Peny Pkwy