NH #192: Zombie Mines, Uranium Dangers at Grand Canyon w/Sierra Club’s Alicyn Gitlin

Fukushima Fourth Anniversary - 3/11/15

This Week’s Featured Interview: 

Alicyn Gitlin, who coordinates the Campaign to Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion for the Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, on uranium mining and “zombie mines” at the world’s greatest hole in the ground.

Grand Canyon uranium mining


All Nipon Airways (ANA) combines Fukushima and the locavore movement and comes up with yet another reason to hate airline food…


  • Diablo Canyon court case charging NRC and PG&E collusion over earthquake risks allowed to go ahead by US Court of Appeals;
  • Pressure building on California Public Utilities Commission damned by collusion with Southern California Edison over San Onofre settlement;
  • Fukushima radiation suspected of link to Alaska infant death spike by Radiation and Public Health Project’s Mangano, Sherman;
  • Fukushima shows record spikes of radiation from tritium, strontium 90;
  • Submerged Soviet nuke waste a ticking time bomb as containers decay and corporations want to mine the seas;
  • UK nukes vulnerable to drone attacks.


  • Eon3 video: Protesting Peevey (California Public Utilities Commission former President):