NH #191: NIRS’ Mary Olson on “Atomic Eggs,” Increased Female Vulnerability to Radiation


Mary Olson, Director of the Southeast Office for Nuclear Information and Resource Service, or NIRS, on the greater danger faced by women and girls to exposure to nuclear radiation, including trans-generational DNA damage and a phenomenon she labels “Atomic Eggs.


NIRSMary Olson speaks on impact of radiation on girls and women at International Nuclear Weapons Conference in Vienna.


When is a flawed nuclear evacuation plan not a flawed nuclear evacuation plan?  When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives it a “White Finding,” basically saying this snafu has only a “low to moderate safety significance.”  Try telling that to the 46,000 people who live there and who’ll have to get outta Dodge on a four lane road!  Can the NRC spell “homicidal gridlock?”


  • NE Japan experiences 6.9 quake, one meter high tsunami.
  • TEPCO water woes at Fukushima Daiichi so bad, even the nuclear-promoting International Atomic Energy Agency admits, “The situation remains very complex.”
  • Chernobyl re-releases 0.5 PETABequerels of radiation from smoke released during forest fires.  That’s half of a million-billion Bequerels.  Do the math.
  • Nuks not all they’re cracked up to be:  Belgian nukes show 13,047 cracks in Doel 3 and 3,149 cracks in Tihange 2.  Feel safer now?