NH #186: Kimberly Roberson on Radiation Awareness and Protection

"What could have been done without nuclear?"  "Live"
“What could have been done without nuclear?” “Live”


Kimberly Roberson and Nuclear Hotseat producer/host Libbe HaLevy discuss their new audio program, RAPT, which stands for Radiation Awareness Protection Talk.  It’s intended to introduce those who don’t know about radiation’s negative impact on health to the problem and some actions they can take to best protect their health.  To learn more about the RAPT program and to access the free Special Report, “7 Misconceptions About Radiation and Immune System Risks – and the #1 Way to Help Protect the Health of You and Your Loved Ones,” CLICK HERE.

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Libbe HaLevy and Kimberly Roberson provide an update on Fukushima, media suppression of critical nuclear information, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) accident in Carlsbad, and first notice of RAPT (Radiation Awareness Protection Talk):



Lettuce” now consider the lunacy of Panasonic for wanting to grow anti-kidney-disease lettuce in Fukushima, where exposure to radiation could give you… kidney cancer.


This is not a medicine!


  • Beta radiation (cesium 134/137) spikes 57 times higher than four days earlier at Fukushima; TEPCO clueless (what else is new?).
  • Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan coincides with Fukushima;
  • 5 Japanese nukes heading for decommissioning scrap heap (YAY!);
  • Cataclysmic bird die-off litters West Coast US beaches;
  • Thyroid cancer rates in US increasing;
  • Savannah River Site operators divert $3/4-million to develop mini-reactors;
  • Exelon‘s longed-for nuke bail-out from Illinois taxpayers ain’t about to happen when agencies report, “We’ll do fine without you!