NH #169: Beverly Findlay-Kaneko on Journalist Iwaji’s Death + Karl Grossman on Nukes in Space


Beverly Findlay-Kaneko, Nuclear Hotseat’s “boots on the ground” in Japan, talks extensively about the recent death of Asahi TV news director Masaki Iwaji, whose passing was officially categorized as suicide but  which is believed by many to have been something else.  Beverly also discusses how Japan’s political shift to the right has impacted the anti-nuclear movement there and reflects on time she spent at a mountain retreat with Fukushima mothers and their children.

Award-winning journalist Karl Grossman provides the history of Nukes in Space, from President Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” initiative that proposed placing weapons platforms in orbit around Earth to recent breakthroughs in solar-powered interplanetary flight that give lie to the need for anything nuclear in space.  (An excerpt from this interview was used on Nuclear Hotseat #163, the August 5 Hiroshima Day Special.)

ACTIVIST SHOUT-OUT:  Everyone who’s marching in the People’s Climate March on September 21 – safe journey and make the entire climate change/sustainability community understand that NUKES ARE THE WHITE ELEPHANT IN THE CLIMATE CHANGE LIVINGROOM!